As a business engaged in offering services in the Travel and Tourism industry of the Maldives for 40 years, we understand the impact and the position that we maintain requires a great sense of responsibility to our communities.

We continue to seek and support causes to benefit our society in the areas of:

  • Child Abuse Prevention Society
  • Society for Health Education
  • Manfa Centre Aged Care Maldives
  • Diabetes Society of Maldives
  • Writers Association
  • Environment Cleanup programs
  • Social Events in atolls such as celebrations of Eid Festivals



Voyages Internship Programs were introduced in 2018, with the aim of offering work experience and placements for graduates and young people seeking opportunities in the Travel and Tourism industry. We welcome applicants and the following categories:

  • GCSE’s, GCEA’ Levels, College, University graduates.
  • College or University students.

Our internship program has gained traction and many interns continue to seek permanent employment with Voyages.